In birth, in health, with our food, in all aspects of our lives - this is the chapter of the story we take it all back!


The revolution we all feel brewing isn't coming from outside ourselves - it will come through us. It starts with you and me, here and now, in our bodies, our kitchens, our homes, our gardens, our frequencies, our businesses and communities. 


Let's Do This!

Serving Birth-workers, Mothers, Wild Women, Trailblazers, Visionaries & Creatives to elevate and step into the most well resourced, fulfilled, energetic, uniquely aligned expression of themselves.




I help Women & Birth-workers find and unleash their voice, build their confidence, repair their body, trust & develop their intuition, and awaken the woman they came here to be. 

Of Marrow and Mother Course

A comprehensive holistic online program to learn Traditional Food skills, Herbal Medicine, and Non-Toxic Living practices - from pre-conception to postpartum and beyond

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Holistic Birth & Postpartum Care

Explore how we can work together on your Maiden to Mother journey

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Coaching & Consultations

Let's deep dive your health & wellness from a holistic perspective and get your feeling your best. 

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It's a pleasure to meet you

I'm Ali

I am so thrilled you’ve found your way here!
Whether you are giving birth to a new baby, a new way of life, or looking to expand and elevate your holistic business, you came here looking for more. My heartfelt desire is for you to have the courage to go all in with all that you are - and make the most of your life on all levels.
I am an Earth and Traditional Birth Keeper. A student and stewardess of the ever changing seasons and cycles of mother earth and women alike. From the spring time blossoming pre-teen, to the mother in full bloom, to the wise, winter, silver crone, I work with women in all ages and stages. I have one foot firmly planted in traditional modalities and the other in the old/new technologies coming available to humans at this time via light, frequency & energy medicine.


"Articulating the experience of Alison’s support feels nearly impossible; I’m not sure there are words to fully describe the potency of her presence while bringing a baby into the world. It’s not specific, it’s energetic. She embodies everything I could want in a support person, including things I didn’t know I needed."

- Jenna Hamm

“Having the opportunity to learn from Ali was one of the best things I could have done in my postpartum journey. Her knowledge and her stories reignited my fire and provided me with ideas on how we can better serve and support Mothers around us. Her course is well-rounded and there is something of interest for anyone working alongside New Mothers and Mothers while being tuned into your inner wisdom..”

- Rose Couture

Ali is as warm as the soups she makes. She is salt of the earth kind, real and generous. Her teachings on real foods, herbs and how to make your life healthy and beautiful from the inside out are brilliant. She is leading the way on returning to holistic eating, caretaking and birth work.  She is an exemplary teacher, living what she teaches. Her courses are beautiful in design and she’s easy and fun to communicate with. 

- Miranda Knox

Does this sound like you?


   You want to move through this world feeling  alive, awake, authentic, deeply embodied, vibrant, and able to experience the full spectrum of this world, but you need a little help…

  Are you feeling:

  • overwhelmed when it comes to learning about herbs and the healing arts?
  • that the childbearing year is a profound rite-of-passage and not merely a medical event?
  • the desire to expand and add holistic skills and streams of income to your current business?
  • the call to serve your self, your family, and your community with traditional foods and herbal medicine?
  • done slapping band-aids on things and want to get to the root cause of your health & wellness issues?

  We could be kindred spirits if:

  • you know that time is our most precious resource and there is more to life than living in the 9-5 paradigm.
  • you innately know that we are at a crossroads in history, and you're here at this time to make a difference.
  • you know deep in your bones that you are capable and worthy of living a wildly extraordinary life.
  • you know that food is medicine and the body is designed to self heal
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Grand Voyage Blog

Recipes, Tips, and Musings on Women's Health and Wellness

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7 Powerful Herbs for your Medicine Garden. Includes stories, tips, recipes and discount codes!


 "We fall from womb to tomb, from one blackness and toward another, remembering little of one and knowing nothing of the other, except through faith"

- Stephen King


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