I LOVE partnering with companies that share similar values and are committed to a high standard. I only ever recommend products that I personally use, that I have experience with, and have the highest quality and intention for wellness. Check out my digital offerings as well!


EmpowerHer: A Guide to Herbal Self-Sufficiency and Women's Health

Take the reins of your own health and dive into a 34 page Ebook that covers topics like building your home apothecary, tips on growing your medicine garden, herbs for women's health, sustainable and regenerative garden practices, playing the long game with your health, and so much more! Click on the image to purchase and download now!

Lifewave  Patches

WEARABLE LIGHT THERAPY TECHNOLOGY for Cellular + Peptide Activation

These patches promote healing, restoration and rejuvenation in a completely non-invasive and safe way. By naturally elevating a copper peptide produced by the body, stem cell activation patches boost vitality, overall health and wellness and turn back time!

Find all the information, patents, clinical studies, testimonials, benefits of the different patches and so much more HERE

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EMR-TEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

THE BEST Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

The yellow (daytime) lenses block 100% of blue light (400-450nm) and 90% of general blue light

  • preventing eye and general fatigue from excessive computer or screen time
  • preventing headaches
  • reducing dark circles under the eyes
  • these glasses are very easy to wear for computer work

The red (nighttime) lenses block 100% of blue and green light (up to 570 nm)


Harmonic Arts Herbal Dispensary


From forest, farm and field, all the way to the kitchen pantry, Harmonic Arts brings impactful products to the healthiest homes. Known for crafting potent, high-quality herbal formulas that support both the health of your family and our planet.

Bulk Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Tinctures, Teas and so much more!


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Higher Healths 

High-quality freeze-dried organ meat capsules strictly sourced from Canadian farmers using 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cattle.
It is our mission to fill the nutrient gaps left behind by the modern diet by connecting real people to real food. 

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Onle Organics

Comprehensive kits designed to support gut health and wellness in women, children and babies.

Did you know that many common symptoms, such as colic, eczema, reflux, digestive discomfort, yeast infections, restless sleep and poor immune function, stem from an imbalanced gut? Or that 80% of children in the United States alone are infected with parasites?

Nourish and repair you microbiome! ENTER HERE 

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Cellpower Hydrogen Water Bottle

Molecular hydrogen is recognized as a gas with potential therapeutic effects. Research indicates benefits for various organs and potential therapeutic effects for over 170 disease models, highlighting the following properties:

1.Antioxidant-Like Effects

2.Anti-Inflammatory Effects

3.Anti-Allergic Effects

4.Anti-Aging Benefits

Learn all about this amazing technology HERE