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Traditional Postpartum Care

Oct 11, 2023

Please fill out a contact form for more information on availability and pricing. When we cross into the world of motherhood, we are embarking on a huge shift in our lives.  So often the main focus of the childbearing year is on the pregnancy and birth, leaving the postpartum, or 4th trimester as an after thought. Often, it isn’t until we are in the postpartum that we realize how unprepared we are. You don’t know what you don’t know… you know? The idea of “bouncing back” seems ludicrous as we are not meant to go back to the way we were. How could we possibly do that or even want to do that when we have just been through such a transformation?

The postpartum is a short and sacred window of time where bonding, healing, restoring, integrating, downloading, learning and so much more happens.

There are massive physical and hormonal shifts, a birth experience to digest and integrate, a nervous system that needs to recalibrate, moments of profound happiness and moments of profound exhaustion, just to mention a few…

My goal is to provide you with a gentle and nourishing initiation into motherhood. You deserve to be seen, taken care of, and given ample opportunity to rest and digest.

Check in with yourself and ask these questions:

– What kind of preparation have you done so that you can rest and be taken care of in your 4th trimester?

– What kind of support do you need to maintain your health over the next 3 months? The next year?

– What do you need to thrive in the world of motherhood?

– Who is your tribe?

You have before you an opportunity to set the stage for your family moving ahead.

My role as your holistic postpartum care provider is to provide education, care, support and guidance through your sacred window.

My philosophy on postpartum care is mirrored in Heng Ou’s book “The first forty days”

“There are five common themes threaded through the colourful tapestry of traditional postpartum care. These are the five insights that remain vital today, by creating better guidelines for tending to the brand-new mother.”


My postpartum services include:

-Preparation and serving of high quality, rebuilding foods such as broth soups, high fat and protein snacks, and easy to digest meals.

Herbal remedies such as:
– an infusion blend for deep down cellular nourishment, boosting immunity, helping prevent depletion and making high quality breast milk.

– after pains care

– castor oil packs

– herbal healing sitz baths in cases of episiotomies and tears

– 8oz bottle of my homemade calendula oil for body oiling and grounding the nervous system

 Gentle body work and massage.

 Education and tools for abdominal separation (diastasis recti) and pelvic floor health

 A witness to listen and help you process your birth experience

 Moxibustion – The “Life Gate” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is said to govern the functions of sexuality and reproduction. In order for birth to happen, this “life gate” must open, and then close properly. A moxa stick is dried, tightly packed mugwort, which is known from taking things deep into the body; in this case it is heat.

Abdominal binding –  Belly binding supports the postpartum woman’s body in assisting the abdominal wall muscles to come back to their pre-pregnancy position, improves posture, supports loosened ligaments and provides support to the body while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy state.

Closing the bones – guided meditation

Every woman’s experience of birth is different, therefore the needs in the postpartum will be unique to everyone. A caesarian delivery requires much different care than a vaginal birth; I can accommodate and provide care for any outcome.


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