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Nettle & Sea-veggie Gomasio

recipes Oct 13, 2023
A nutrient and mineral dense condiment featuring nettle seeds, Harmonic Arts  sea-veg blend, toasted sesame seeds and celtic sea salt. It can be added to salads, soups, rice, oatmeal, roasted veggies and anything you like really. As mentioned in a previous post, nettle seeds are wonderful for the adrenals and sea vegetables and himalayan salt are loaded with minerals. Sesame seeds are warming in nature and contain omega 6, iron, fibre, calcium and magnesium. Also, cooking with a cast iron skillet adds iron to your food!

Definitely a must have condiment for the cooler months! Food as medicine!


Be sure your nettle seeds are dried out before using.

200g hulled sesame seeds
1 tbsp of high quality salt
5 tbsp of Harmonic Arts sea-veg blend
1/2 cup nettle seeds

Toast your sesame seeds and salt until golden brown on a cast iron skillet. (careful they can burn quickly if you leave them unattended)

Add to a food processor or suribachi and grind up until the seeds are somewhat fluffy and ground up then add in seaveg and nettle seeds and grind up a bit more until throughly combined


add toasted sesame seeds and salt to a food processor and pulse a few times until the seeds are broken apart. It should smell amazing! Add in your sea-veg blend and nettle seeds and pulse a few more times until all the ingredients are combined. Store in a glass jar and use within 3- 5 months.

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Cheers to your good health!



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