September 24, 2015


“When I discovered that I was pregnant, I felt very strongly about creating a holistic pregnancy and birth experience for myself; being guided through this journey by Ali was truly invaluable.  Not only does she have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, but her ability to acutely tune into my needs – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – provided me the support I needed to have a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Her gentle, steadfast, and calming personality allowed me to feel cared for, supported, and protected.  I truly felt empowered and powerful because of the sacred space that she held for me.  It is very apparent that Ali is following her calling and is a truly gifted doula.  I cannot sing her praises enough and wholeheartedly recommend her holistic pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support to every single pregnant woman. “

-Elizabeth Dvergsten-Beauce

“Working with Ali has been an incredibly nurturing experience. Her knowledge and enthusiasm to share her passion, inspires a willingness to integrate deeper nourishment into your daily life. Her professionalism makes hosting workshops and retreats with her, seamless and fun. Since meeting Alison my kitchen has become much more wholesome, healing and a deeper source of love for my entire family.”

~ Chrissy Sie-Merritt ~ South Moon Studio ~  Visual and Healing Arts



“Having Ali as a Doula was an amazing experience. Not knowing what I needed to know, how to navigate the health care system and struggling with how my body was changing was difficult and overwhelming. Ali helped me through it all. Her friendly, sensitive approach was welcoming and calming. I valued what she taught me and felt stronger and supported throughout my pregnancy, birth and beyond. Having Ali as part of my pregnancy and my life made a huge difference and one that I would recommend to any future mom and dad.”

~Keely Richmond~ Labour Relations Consultant~



“My first time pregnancy led me to look for extra support in preparation for the inevitable and anticipated trial of labour. Ali was recommended to me by a mutual friend and from our first initial meeting, I knew she was the doula for me! Full of resources, knowledge and most of all understanding when it comes to needing not only a physical support but an emotional one. To have her as a positive mentor in pregnancy and through labour was an absolute blessing. Ali is respectful of the sacred place women are in at this time.”

~Miriam Delos Santos~Hello, Darling~



Alison’s Sacred Pregnancy classes were a game changer for me during my pregnancy. She taught me so much about trusting the process and myself, riding the wave that is pregnancy. I recommend her courses and workshops to any woman seeking presence and joy in any stage of her pregnancy.

~Karyn Astleford~ Siggi Clothier




Thank you so much for everything. Even with this being baby #3, if feels so different this time. I feel so empowered and I know it’s because of this class. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it from the first class, I’m sad it went by so quickly! I know its an experience I’ll cherish forever and I can’t thank you enough. You’re changing lives in the most positive way with the work you do, I hope you know that! So thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love, Crysti

Crysti Gerring –




“After 8 wonderful weeks with beautiful women, the choice to take the sacred pregnancy class was one that I will treasure forever. I really feel more confidant than ever bringing my first little one into this world after connecting with not only my class mates but myself as well. These are friendships I hope to continue in the future and memories that I will carry with me for life. Thank you for such an amazing experience and wonderful opportunity!

– Mandy Brandson




“Ali’s wealth of knowledge regarding probiotic organic foods and the impact they have on maintaining a healthy digestive system was incredible! The tools she presented in her Cultured Kitchen Workshop was invaluable. In the past months, I have made over 30 jars of fermented goodies. I no longer have to spend $70 on a bottle of
probiotics. Thank you Ali for your wisdom and passion for traditional foods!”

~Brie Henderson ~ Brie’s Botanicals, reiki practitioner and yoga instructor


“My first baby at 40yrs old was a positive, beautiful experience with a straightforward recovery – part of it was luck, part was preparation and part was having Ali as my doula. She is warm, knowledgeable, empathetic and took the time to get to know me. I felt like Ali understood my concerns and could relate to my way of thinking. When my water broke prematurely and I faced significant pressure from hospital staff to be induced, Ali helped me to stay true to myself and not let fear guide the process. As a result of following my instincts and giving my body a few more hours at home, I was able to have the natural birth I wanted for my baby without any issues. In post-partum Ali brought super tasty home-cooked food that helped sustain me in the first weeks. She also did moxabustion with belly binding which was a beautiful way to symbolically close off the pregnancy. I couldn’t be happier with having chosen Ali to be at the birth of my baby girl and to have shared the intimate space of our newly forming family.”

-Terri O’Quinn United Nations


“I loved Ali’s Cultured food workshop! It was very informative, easy to follow and fun. Ali’s passion for healthy, natural eating is inspirational. As an Occupational Therapist myself, making this food is an activity that can be graded so the whole family can partake, including the kids. Can’t wait for the next workshop!”

~Mary Partridge~ Occupational Therapist~





“To take a moment. To cherish. To be pregnant.
To bask in the glorious presence of other woman who are so radiant while creating life.
I had the opportunity to be a part of a Sacred Pregnancy class lead by the devoted and energetically awesome, Alison Ritchie. Through sacred pregnancy I learned to connect with women on a WHOLE new level and developed relationships that are very true and dear to my heart and soul. This is exactly what I needed to move forward from my last birth. The support and encouragement, not to mention to ability to be raw while sitting with these emotions was an integral piece to this journey. I have so much gratitude for Ali and what she has “birthed” bringing forth Sacred Pregnancy to Winnipeg. Thank you Ali for giving me the opportunity to see and bring out the “momma warrior” I had inside of me all along. Much love and gratitude to you.”

~ Shalla Brown ~Probation Officer~


“I had the honour of working with Alison in one of her sacred pregnancy classes then as a doula which followed having her help our family post partum as well. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does which made her a delight to work with. She has a beautiful spirit which is infectious and calming. I would highly recommend her services to anyone if it’s their first pregnancy or whichever pregnancy they are on. She helped empower me to give me the strength, power and knowledge to safely carry, deliver and nourish by baby.”

Emily Cesario – Sugar of the Nile