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On the other side of birth

You have arrived on the other side of birth. It’s the golden hour and it’s trauma. It looks different for us all, but regardless this initiation comes with blood, sweat and tears. There is an overload of information coming at you through the filter of an institution or someone else’s experience. It is not a Read more about On the other side of birth[…]

Mugwort Body Oil

🌿Mugwort  –  Artemisia Vulgaris This is one of the most extraordinary herbs and definitely one of my all time favourites. She is from the Artemisia family and is revered by herbalist all around the world. 🌿 Mugwort is well known for her work in the metaphysical realm; dream work, clairvoyance, an ally for meditation, visionary Read more about Mugwort Body Oil[…]