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Nettle & Sea-veggie Gomasio

A nutrient and mineral dense condiment featuring nettle seeds, @harmonicarts 3 seaveg blend, toasted sesame seeds and himalayan sea salt. It can be added to salads, soups, rice, oatmeal, roasted veggies and anything you like really. As mentioned in a previous post, nettle seeds are wonderful for the adrenals and sea vegetables and himalayan salt Read more about Nettle & Sea-veggie Gomasio[…]


07/07 As women, I think we’ve been sold this idea that as we hit middle age we are supposed to shrink, and fade and disappear into the background. And I just have to say that it is just such the biggest load of bullshit ever! With every year that passes I feel like I occupy Read more about 07/07[…]

Postpartum Reality

I can’t begin to tell you how many stories I hear of women who have had difficult postpartum experiences ranging from nervous anxiety, episiotomy recovery, baby blues, worries their baby isn’t feeding enough, breastfeeding problems, exhaustion, inadequate help, subpar nutrition, caesarian recovery, traumatic birth process recovery, depression and on and on. 💛 It breaks my Read more about Postpartum Reality[…]