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On ruffling feathers, rattling cages and rocking the boat

I recently wrote a short article about the European witch hunts, and in short, it was about changing our view about of who those women were, censorship, thinking for yourself and always standing up for what matters. The post went viral on my facebook business page and with its flooding of good reviews also came Read more about On ruffling feathers, rattling cages and rocking the boat[…]

Memories from my Mind’s Eye

I have a memory as a very young girl, walking into a beautiful candy store somewhere when my family was on holiday. It had a black and white checkered floor, a robin’s egg blue and cherry red colour palate, big windows with heavy curtains, victorian lamps and the smell of warm sugar on the air. Read more about Memories from my Mind’s Eye[…]

Spider Wisdom

Spiders are masters of the creative realm! They spin enchanting webs from their own resources; symmetrical, balanced and all unique and original. Mysterious, ancient architecture. They are patient, independent, and they work resolutely towards their end goal. They work with intention. They are industrious and they persevere. Their webs are divine design in tangible form. Read more about Spider Wisdom[…]

Seasonal Shifts

Seasonal shifts are important times to take stock, check in and prepare ourselves for in this case, the colder, dryer months ahead. The divine architecture of our skin is designed to quickly absorb oil and more importantly, it understands how to use it. This is NOT petroleum based cream that clogs the pores, dehydrates skin Read more about Seasonal Shifts[…]

Monday Harvest

✨Monday Harvest✨ 🌿Tulsi, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, White Sage, Mullein and Marshmallow Root🌿 These aromatic plants have filled every corner of my home with their heavenly scents. I’m taking advantage of the nice weather the next few days to kick the harvest into full gear and start putting the garden to sleep. I’m ready, she’s ready, Read more about Monday Harvest[…]

Sunday Harvest

✨Sunday Harvest✨ Calendula, Milky Oats, Mugwort, Yarrow and Comfrey.🌻 My son and I spent the morning cleaning up the garden and harvesting these plants which offer their own unique gifts and medicinal properties. The unseen medicine a garden provides is the opportunity to work alongside and connect with nature and my son after a long Read more about Sunday Harvest[…]