September 10, 2021


This is a personal invitation to join me on this incredible journey of health and lifestyle transformation!

As an Earth and Birth Keeper…. I AM here on earth at this time to welcome in and caretake life in a meaningful and responsible way!

I have worked closely with women and mothers for almost 15 years now, witnessing and listening to health goals, and their concerns for themselves, their children, and their whole family. The time is NOW for a food and health revolution. We are at a crucial time on earth where we can vote with our dollars, and demand better for our health and the planet’s health! 


The food we consume is a direct player into how we move and experience this world. We literally are what we eat but even more importantly, we are what our bodies can absorb! Our bodies understand and THRIVE off of WHOLE foods that are organic, non-GMO and grown in mineral rich soil. When we are continuously eating high quality foods, we innately know how to shift back into homeostasis. The imbalances and destruction we are seeing in our own health is a direct reflection of our earth and unsustainable farming practices. We can do better!

The main thing which REALLY made me say YES to this endeavour is how this company has the only proven product to remove glyphosate from the body! Glyphosate is the most heavily sprayed herbicide used in big agriculture which is known to cause cancer and disease in humans. Did you know that it is found in urine, breastmilk, the umbilical cords of babies and nearly every human in North America in varying degrees?!  These herbicides are reaching our children in the most crucial growth periods of their life. Glyphosate is found in lakes, rainwater, ditches and is inescapable if you’re a habitant of planet earth. It’s not enough to just eat clean anymore, we need to be actively detoxing this from our lives.


The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

In this 30 Day program, you will deeply Nourish, Reset, and Renew as you:

  • ~ Flood your cells with the highest purity and potency organic superfood nutrition.
  • ~Detoxify Glyphosate (RoundUp) and other environmental toxins, fungus & parasites.
  • ~Restore the health of your gut microbiome, the foundation of immunity and emotional health.
  • ~Are offered an opportunity to build strength, endurance, and optimize your workouts with Holistic Fitness Nutrition.

This simple, powerful 30 day protocol helps reduce inflammation, release toxins, heal imbalances, lower stress, improve sleep, balance hormones, strengthen immunity and increase vitality so you feel and look your best! You will eat the whole time, focusing on alkalizing non-inflammatory foods. It is affordable, shipped to your door, safe for pregnant and nursing mamas (except for the super cleanse- R) and easy to integrate into a life full with work, kids, and all you do.

When we cultivate our self care and wellbeing, we ignite the inner shine that impacts every other aspect of our lives: relationships, work, emotions, family, inspiration, and productivity. By consciously shifting how we eat and feel, and what we support with our money, we can be vehicles for change in our families, communities and world.

I invite you to transform your lifestyle to experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep and a more balanced mood. The products in this 30-day program will nourish and detoxify your body with protein, greens, healthy fats, gut health, organic super fruit and natural colon cleansing support.

(This company is also going plastic-free! )

Replace 2 meals per day (for less than $11 per day)
Choose your schedule style ( 3 options )
Great for intermittent fasting

* 4 Power Shake Apple Berry Terra Pouches
* 2 Apothe-Cherry
* 2 Biome Medic
* 1 Super CleansR
* 1 Blender Bottle

Purchase your 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and invest in your health HERE

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Round up your friends and family for extra encouragement, accountability and support! 

After your 30 Day detox, it is recommended to follow up with the Daily Core 4 package for for continued health, maintenance and health support. The core 4 has replaced ALL of the supplements and superfoods I was taking before as it seems to cover all the bases, and beyond!

It is recommended to put on a SMART ORDER for the ‘Daily Core 4’ so it will arrive on time every month. A smart order is a subscription order that keeps the 25% off discount activated and can be changed or cancelled at any time. There is also a full online store of amazing whole food based supplements and products to choose from. You can change it up every month!

Our world is in a rapid transformation right now and we have the opportunity and choice to shift with it and evolve into something better! It is really exciting!  Change is never easy, but having the right tools in your toolkit can make this transition one filled with confidence and grace. We all want to show up as our best selves at this time and that’s really hard to do if you aren’t feeling good in your own body! With the purchase of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation you can:

  • Unlock your highest potential
  • Recapture your vitality
  • Awaken your spirit
  • Tap into your inner strength
  • Reset on the deepest level
  • Hold more light and life-force in your body
  • Melt away toxins and old patterns
  • Upgrade (y)our world on every level 
  • Connect and create community


Learn more about the Ultimate Lifestyle transformation HERE

Find Lifestyle support on the 30 day transformation HERE

And always please feel free to connect with me HERE with any questions you may have!

This is also an opportunity to support and uplift your community and have a thriving business!  Reach out and talk to me!

 NOTE* Super CleansR is to be avoided in pregnancy and breastfeeding  

Read more about gylphosate in breastmilk here

Pregnant and nursing mothers – please reach out and let’s talk more about how this can be a PART of your childbearing year journey. Women in this season of life need deep nourishment and special attention paid to diet.