Spider Wisdom

Spiders are masters of the creative realm! They spin enchanting webs from their own resources; symmetrical, balanced and all unique and original.

Mysterious, ancient architecture.

They are patient, independent, and they work resolutely towards their end goal.

They work with intention.

They are industrious and they persevere.

Their webs are divine design in tangible form.

What is done on one side of the web is surely felt on the other. Be conscious of what you’re putting out into the world.

Just deep respect.

There are so many lessons and teachings through natures creatures and symbols.

Are you weaving and bringing your dreams into reality?

I’ve been taking in and admiring the spider webs that have been showing up over night. I’ve been getting up close and examine how truly incredible these weavings are. Dripping with beads of water from all the recent rain, they glisten and shine with their silvery threads. They are like portals to the otherworld… with those veils thinning more and more every day.

“Dance your dreams alive
Create from your heart’s bliss
Weave the web you want to live.”

Medicine Card Deck

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