Sleep to Dream

🌿Mugwort  –  Artemisia Vulgaris

This is one of the most extraordinary herbs and definitely one of my all time favourites. She is from the Artemisia family and is revered by herbalist all around the world. 🌿

Mugwort is well known for her work in the metaphysical realm; dream work, clairvoyance, an ally for meditation, visionary states, lucid dreaming, and a door opener to The Otherworld.

She is associated with Pisces, the 12th house of the zodiac, the collective unconscious, Neptune, and the moon for her work in the dreamtime. She is a potent third eye opener.🎯

Mugwort grows abundantly and is often seen as a weed for its ability to take over a garden. Mother Earth speaks to us, and like dandelions, they will not stop showing us what will help us during these crazy times on Earth.

She will grow to be about 4 feet tall, and when she has reached about 1 foot in height, her metaphysical properties become known. Often harvested during a full moon so that the energy of the plant is concentrated in the above ground portions of her.

Planted in your garden it is said to attract “The Fae.” In ancient Celtic lands, Mugwort was used as a healing remedy for people who had fallen ill to apparent “elf shots” which were invisible arrows shot at people by the trickster Fairies.

She is a protector and guide into the dream state and an awakener of your infinite potential. You can place mugwort under your pillow as ask her for a dream. She is gentle and powerful all in the same moment. Great for achy muscles, and is also a uterine stimulant so she is to be avoided during pregnancy.
I use dried mugwort for moxibustion in my postpartum work with women to add penetrating heat to the uterine area. Traditional midwives have used mugwort in this way to turn breech babies.

Body oiling is a very effective way to feel the energy of Mugwort. Body oiling has a very high safety profile and is probably one of the most under used methods of working with plant medicines. Massaging this oil into the largest organ of our body, our skin, you will reap her benefits all while getting softer skin, moving your lymph, and supporting your nervous system.
When practiced daily, body oiling with plant medicines leave you feeling protected with a sort of etheric body armour.