Grand Voyage Herbals was born during a time in my life of deep inner reflection. A dream had been following me around for years… that of having my own business growing and wild crafting medicinal herbs and turning them into beautiful, high vibrational body care products. The more I tried to ignore the dream, the louder it got… so I said yes and pulled that dream down and made it my reality, knowing that there was something in this field of work for me to do in this lifetime.

Welcome to this infusion of my passions of herbalism, astrology, celtic wisdom, women’s health, spirituality and earth work. A merging of ancient tradition with this beautiful new era that is unfolding in front of us. My vision and intention is to create products that support, nourish and work with you as you walk through this life on your very own grand voyage. 

The plant kingdom is an army of incredibly intelligent beings that hold with them their own teachings and medicinal gifts and offerings. They are allies to be respected and used consciously. I grow and wild craft over 90% of the herbs I use in my products.


When I can’t grow it myself I always shop through Harmonic Arts Herbal Dispensary. Check out their amazing elixirs, medicinal mushroom blends, and many other premium herbal products. Use the coupon code ALISONR15 at check out to receive 15% off your order! Free shipping within Canada on orders over $100. Enter the site HERE




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