An infusion of my passions of herbalism, astrology, celtic wisdom, spirituality and earth work. A merging of the old world with this brave new world that is unfolding in front of us. My vision and intention is to create products that support, nourish and work with you as you walk through this life on your very own grand voyage. 

The plant kingdom is an army of incredibly intelligent beings that hold with them their own teachings and medicinal gifts and offerings. It is important to know that they are also experiencing and adapting to the climate (of both temperature and expanded awareness) and cosmic chaos of our current age. They are allies to be respected and used consciously.

I love to star gaze and think about how these are the same stars my ancestors looked upon for thousands of years before me. I love to hold seeds in my hands and make a prayer before planting them, knowing that these seeds are the descendants of the plants my grandmothers grew in their gardens. 

When I can’t grow it myself I always shop through Harmonic Arts Herbal Dispensary. Check it out and shop through my affiliate link HERE



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