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Breasts are beautiful – we all know this. We are all hardwired to like them because at one time our very survival depended on them. They are in sync with a woman’s menstrual cycle making them sensitive to hormonal changes. They are composed mainly of fatty, glandular tissue which make them prime locations for our body to store toxins, and due to the amount that we are all exposed to everyday you can see why breast cancer is the number one cancer in women today. Breasts are associated with giving and nurturing, and sometimes we overdo this with self sacrifice and putting everyone ahead of ourselves. This region of our body, along with the heart and lungs are areas where hold onto much unresolved emotion. Grief, anger, resentment to name a few…

Adding breast massage to your self care routine is an essential tool to keeping the lymphatic system moving and draining, preventing stagnation, therefore benefitting your overall health.
It’s so important for us to be proactive in this way. Prevention truly is the best medicine.
It is worth you while to find a bra that works for you which doesn’t have underwires or that compresses and squishes your breasts for hours at a time. They don’t like this….

Long before a lovers touch or a baby suckled at them, they were, and still are yours to love and reclaim. Breast skin is highly absorbent and thin making plant infused oil a wonderful way to send some love to yourself.

This potent breast oil is in a base of avocado and castor oil (known for breaking up cysts, reduces pain and swelling and pulls toxins from the lymphatic system) and infused with…

– Mugwort acts as the guide to bring the other herbs deep into the body.

– Calendula is a golden, warming, anti-inflammatory, fluid thinning, lymphatic moving herb.

– Wild Rose for its heart opening, anger dissipating energy

– Dandelion flower promotes deep relaxation of the breast tissue and helps in the release of stored emotion.

– Pink Pepper essential oil encourages healthy cell cycle and death, meaning if we have damaged cells, it will help those cells die off.

Ingredients: Avocado oil, castor oil, mugwort, calendula, wild rose, pink pepper essential oil, rose essential oil.

Now comes in a 4 0z dropper bottle. This oil is not a part of the 2/85$ deal.

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