September 29, 2015


Welcome to motherhood!

You have co-created a new life, birthed it into this world, and turned yourself into a mother along the way. Amazing! Your new job will no doubt be the most demanding on both your time and your body. The physical, emotional and lifestyle adjustments that arrive with this transition are a very real thing.

Who will mother you, while you are busy mothering your baby? It is said that the 40 days following the birth of a baby reflects the mothers health for her next 40 years. By honouring the postpartum transition, your healing is faster, your bonding deeper, and depression is avoided. I can help get you on the right path by offering support to carry you through the demands of early parenting.

My philosophy on postpartum care is mirrored in Heng Ou’s epic book “The first forty days”

The five insights: reclaiming the wisdom.”

“There are five common themes threaded through the colourful tapestry of traditional postpartum care. These are the five insights that remain vital today, by creating better guidelines for tending to the brand-new mother.”

RETREAT: Draw the circumference of your world in closer.

WARMTH: Conserve, protect, and replenish your life force.

SUPPORT: Receive help from your “village” so you can give fully to your baby.

REST: Create conditions within and without for food, sleep and repair.

RITUAL: Honour the significance and sacredness of this time.  -Heng Ou

My services include:

Preparation of nutrient dense soups and snacks  (inquire for more details)

Postpartum healing baths – Beautifully scented herbal bath that are wonderful for healing tender bottoms and hard worked muscles.

Light Massage – Your aching muscles need some TLC after all the hard work that accompanies labour and birth. I use an herbal, after birth oil to bring relief.

Moxibustion – The “Life Gate” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is said to govern the functions of sexuality and reproduction. In order for birth to happen, this “life gate” must open, and then close properly. This can happen with rest and heat. Moxibustion is the heat.

Herbal remedies and infusions – Deep down cellular nourishment. These infusions promote healing, boost immunity, help prevent depletion and make high quality breast milk.

Breastfeeding support – I’ll help get you all set up so you produce a beautiful supply of liquid gold.

Bengkung Belly Binding (Abdominal binding) – Belly binding supports the postpartum woman’s body in assisting the abdominal wall muscles to come back to their pre-pregnancy position, improves posture, supports loosened ligaments and provides support to the body while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy state.

Mothers are provided with a herbal milk tea blend, a healing perineum spray, and after pains herbs if necessary.

In order to give the high standard of care this requires, I only take a limited amount of women each year. Please get in touch as soon as possible if this is a service you would like.