Postpartum Reality

I can’t begin to tell you how many stories I hear of women who have had difficult postpartum experiences ranging from nervous anxiety, episiotomy recovery, baby blues, worries their baby isn’t feeding enough, breastfeeding problems, exhaustion, inadequate help, subpar nutrition, caesarian recovery, traumatic birth process recovery, depression and on and on. 💛

It breaks my heart into a million pieces when women tell me they cried half the day away because they felt lonely, isolated, and like all the attention is on the health of the baby. They didn’t have the time or energy to make healthy, replenishing food so they ate a slice of toast, and this cycle of depletion begins to take a toll. It’s a real thing, people. An all too common reality for many women. New mothers need to be SEEN in and for their process, and they need to be taken care of. Our current set up for living doesn’t allow this easily, but we are still hardwired to live in community, and crave it right to the marrow of our bones. The women in our lives used to be in closer contact to us. There was eye contact and we were indeed validated that, yes, you in fact did bring a miracle into this world, and it was affirmed that you were on the right track. 💛

I want people to realize that the birth of a new human is also the re-birth of the mother. It is an incredibly delicate and vulnerable time for women to step out into the world as a new mother. Hormones are adjusting, immunity is low, womb reduces in size, breasts are waking up, heart expands, brain tries to comprehend, muscles ache, arms cradle, tears flow, milk flows, visitors come, older siblings adjust, partners help where they can, hopefully, although often they can’t be there as much as they’d like. And this is only what we can perceive with our eyes. It’s been a journey for your soul, too.

A decade ago when I started attending births hardly anyone knew what a doula was, now, everyone does. My goal, is that in a decade from now, every woman will have access to a postpartum doula that tends to their body, mind and spirit.

Healthy mothers = Healthy families.

Let me walk with you in these hazy days. I have various services and classes that make wonderful gifts for any expecting mother. Gift certificates available at my big open house on December 13th, or send me a message.