You carry the other end of this cord and organ around with you as an indent in your abdomen. What a funny reminder of such an important connection. We all commence here. We all begin in the dark waters of our mothers womb. We all feel before we see with our eyes.

It is believed in many cultures around the world that the placenta is the guardian angel, spirit guide, and a map of the soul of the baby. The life sustaining, enigmatic and self-sacrificing placenta grows alongside the baby providing oxygen, nutrients, hormone production, waste removal, and we can only begin to imagine the spiritual significance and role this organ plays. Its job is finished when the baby is delivered, earthside.

If given the opportunity, it will continue to pulse and provide oxygen to the baby while it adjusts to its new environment outside the mothers body. The life force pulse slows and the communication eventually fades, but you wear the mark of this connection forever. You become an independent in one way, and completely dependent in another.

Convalescence after the marathon of physical expansion and contraction, emotional ebbs and flows, mental clarity and hardships, and spiritual tests you have just been through is a necessary part of the birthing experience.

You need time to integrate and process.

Honour yourself by making space to heal and adjust. Allow yourself to be taken care of so you can take care of your baby. Please, find your voice and ask for help. We are not meant to navigate these new waters alone.


Photo by Elliana Allon