On ruffling feathers, rattling cages and rocking the boat

I recently wrote a short article about the European witch hunts, and in short, it was about changing our view about of who those women were, censorship, thinking for yourself and always standing up for what matters. The post went viral on my facebook business page and with its flooding of good reviews also came derogatory spam from what I researched and found to be a certain demographic of men. I unknowingly rattled their cages hard, and upon waking up on Sunday morning I had received a threat of rape and to be hunted down and burned alive like my ancestors, among other comments that showed they hadn’t really read the post at all but were reacting from this angry unhealed wound that they were all whipping up in each other. So obviously I was a bit shaken by all this, but thankfully I have close confidants to help jam the situation out with me.

I considered taking the post down. Is this really worth it to be getting threatened? But I stepped back and observed the situation and the comments, and noticed the parallels in what I had written about and what was currently playing out. They aren’t lying when they say that being calm is a super power; I could easily see how this would’ve spun me out before. Taking this post down would be like tapping out and discrediting everything that I had just written. So I kept it up, moved past the ejaculatory, immature comments, blocked some, deleted some, and at the end of it only 2 men had a well thought out, educated challenge to my words. I respect that so much! And so we sparred, and disagreed and both “walked” away. But there was respect and holy shit did I get to see the ugly beast of social media in a whole new light.

The part that made me sad through all of this, was just how quick people are to rip you a new one just because they don’t agree with you. And not just rip you a new one, but perpetuate and fan the flames of their own opinion without ever really sitting and thinking about where the other person is coming from. If a point opposes their own, it’s viewed as some personal threat and attack towards them. Some are really at this place of instant reaction instead of reflection, education and empathy.

Anyway, it takes courage to act and live your life from a place of your deepest truth. You will ruffle feathers and rock boats along the way, and it is completely fine for people to not understand you or like you, but operating your life from your own truth sets you free. Be resolute in this manner. It’s not what they call you, it’s what you answer to, and challenges will no doubt surface when you step into your power.

“When we are who we are in truth, we attract the support, protection and energy we need to thrive.” – Alana Fairchild