Monday Harvest

Monday Harvest

🌿Tulsi, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, White Sage, Mullein and Marshmallow Root🌿

These aromatic plants have filled every corner of my home with their heavenly scents. I’m taking advantage of the nice weather the next few days to kick the harvest into full gear and start putting the garden to sleep. I’m ready, she’s ready, our combined energy wanes with the sun. The geese fly overhead by the hundreds while honking and creating giant arrows which point to the direction where the sun seems to shine endlessly.

Sometimes I feel almost claustrophobic with the days getting shorter and the energy pulling palatably downward and inward. Gathering, collecting, anticipating.

While clipping and cleaning these herbs and roots today, I wonder what on earth I will do with all of them. For awhile I was feeling the pressure to produce and create something magical on my own that would showcase these unique plants in a flattering light. And then, as obvious as a light switch turning on, I “heard” or maybe even just suddenly knew that the work and creations I make are in collaboration with the plants and not a solo effort. We both have a role to play.

The pressure is off. The downloads arrive. I laugh out loud.

“We are in this together.”

Insights can happen in the garden when you get out of beta brain and into alpha brain. From thinking beta into feeling alpha.



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