Stepping onto the motherhood path and into the role of Matriarch comes with it great responsibility and challenge. There is no shortage of outside chatter and opinion from others on how to raise a child, all which has been filtered through personal agendas as well as love and personal experience, too.

It’s a lot to sift through.

It can be difficult to turn the volume down on the people and things that test our moral and mother compasses, but I challenge you to take this as an opportunity to tune into your uniqueness and inner voice. A chance for you to walk your talk and put on your crown of sovereignty and self-determination and live your life with integrity and honouring your intuition.

After all, you and your children chose each other, and they are expecting nothing less than the Queen that you are.

“Why is it so difficult to know our power as mothers? We live in a world that does not reflect the full female experience. We do not learn about women’s lives in history books. Literature gives us mirrors to see ourselves primarily as daughters …… It is as though when a daughter becomes a mother she fades from the scene. Her insights, her wisdom, her experience, her voice disappear from the world of literature. She becomes a bad joke in popular culture. She descends into the shadows, indeed becomes a shadow. And her daughters rain against her because she is filled with darkness.” – Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Ph.D.