Extra Potent Calendula Oil

Extra Potent Calendula Oil

I felt it was appropriate to lead this launch with a plant ruled by the sun, fire, and the zodiac sign, Leo for it is known for its courage and strong will. Plants associated with Leo are good for the heart, the back and the spine (think sitting up straight and brave.) These beautifully cheery flowers lined the perimeter of my garden this year and were used as a natural protector against insects. The flowers used for this blend were harvested in August (leo season) at high noon, while the sun was at its strongest, on you guessed it… Sunday.

Let me tell you about calendula. They are a nutrient dense, antioxidant, antiseptic, warming and bravery inducing powerhouse flower. The energetics of colour given from this yellow, orange and red flower are associated with the lower three chakras, but primarily the solar plexus; the seat of power and will.

As I mentioned above, it is a warming herb of the sun that when used topically adds heat to the body and serves as a wonderful wound dressing and that draws out infection, it keeps lymph flowing, and prevents the skin from hardening and cracking. I’ve been using it as a carrier oil (to which I add a few drops of frankincense and yarrow-pom to) on my face and neck and seriously, my skin feels like it as come alive in the depths of this cold, dry prairie winter.

Calendula is an all around creative, protective and keep-the-flow-going kind of herb. It is of masculine nature, and was used in the celtic celebration of Samhain (Halloween). Its name is from the word calendar, as it will bloom for most of the year (obviously depending where it is grown.) 

To make this oil is a process… it is so much more than clipping the flowers and throwing them in some oil. It has to be dried and “brought back to life” so to speak. A real alchemical process involving heating and cooling many times.

So anyway… we are just about to have a super potent super full moon eclipse in LEO, so I figured it’s a good day to launch the first of many of my potions. I’ll have this baby on sale at the grand opening of my new space on January 25th.. you’re invited!