Emotions as Teachers

Every colour on the beautiful spectrum of human emotion is relevant and necessary. So often we live in our heads and unconsciously qualify feelings as good or bad, when in fact, those more challenging emotions are important pieces to the masterpiece of our lives. They make us strong and add depth and sustenance to what would otherwise be a shallow, surface, pale painting.

Challenge yourself to be in the moment with it, with whatever emotion it is, and stay fluid, keep it moving and alive and don’t let it get stuck. Stay sober with it. Breath, walk, sing, paint, dance, shoot some hoops, express, and do whatever you need to do to be with it but so it doesn’t find a home within you. When we are in joy, it is easy to laugh with it and let it flow.. we could try to do the same with anger for example. Some of my best writing was penned while working through the most fire hot anger I’ve ever experienced, resulting in a wonderful, cathartic release.

Get out of your head and into your heart with it.

As someone who is always actively working to improve myself, this has been a very important lesson which I am continuing to challenge myself with. We evolve so much through our emotions. How can I take grief by the hand and walk with it so it may teach me? How can I sit with anger and feel its power and then use that lesson to propel me into a better place? We are all students of life, and life is for learning.