Postpartum Reality

I canโ€™t begin to tell you how many stories I hear of women who have had difficult postpartum experiences ranging from nervous anxiety, episiotomy recovery, baby blues, worries their baby isnโ€™t feeding enough, breastfeeding problems, exhaustion, inadequate help, subpar nutrition, caesarian recovery, traumatic birth process recovery, depression and on and on. ๐Ÿ’› It breaks my Read more about Postpartum Reality[…]

On ruffling feathers, rattling cages and rocking the boat

I recently wrote a short article about the European witch hunts, and in short, it was about changing our view about of who those women were, censorship, thinking for yourself and always standing up for what matters. The post went viral on my facebook business page and with its flooding of good reviews also came Read more about On ruffling feathers, rattling cages and rocking the boat[…]

Memories from my Mind’s Eye

I have a memory as a very young girl, walking into a beautiful candy store somewhere when my family was on holiday. It had a black and white checkered floor, a robinโ€™s egg blue and cherry red colour palate, big windows with heavy curtains, victorian lamps and the smell of warm sugar on the air. Read more about Memories from my Mind’s Eye[…]