The power of speaking up in labour and birth

Did you use your voice in labour? Have you ever thought about the connection between the throat and the cervix? Some musings…. Physiological labour and birth is designed for women to experience a hormonal cocktail that enables the veils to thin, waters to break and internal doors within the body to open so we can Read more about The power of speaking up in labour and birth[…]

Plant Medicine vs All Natural Products

I had a long and overdue brain jam with my dear friend, Sarah yesterday, where our conversation eventually lead us to talking about (as it so often does) plant medicine and our love for it. We chatted about our creations with plants and the politics and differences between “all natural” products and plant medicine. I Read more about Plant Medicine vs All Natural Products[…]


07/07 As women, I think we’ve been sold this idea that as we hit middle age we are supposed to shrink, and fade and disappear into the background. And I just have to say that it is just such the biggest load of bullshit ever! With every year that passes I feel like I occupy Read more about 07/07[…]