Plant Medicine vs All Natural Products

I had a long and overdue brain jam with my dear friend, Sarah yesterday, where our conversation eventually lead us to talking about (as it so often does) plant medicine and our love for it. We chatted about our creations with plants and the politics and differences between “all natural” products and plant medicine. I Read more about Plant Medicine vs All Natural Products[…]

Memories from my Mind’s Eye

I have a memory as a very young girl, walking into a beautiful candy store somewhere when my family was on holiday. It had a black and white checkered floor, a robin’s egg blue and cherry red colour palate, big windows with heavy curtains, victorian lamps and the smell of warm sugar on the air. Read more about Memories from my Mind’s Eye[…]

Spider Wisdom

Spiders are masters of the creative realm! They spin enchanting webs from their own resources; symmetrical, balanced and all unique and original. Mysterious, ancient architecture. They are patient, independent, and they work resolutely towards their end goal. They work with intention. They are industrious and they persevere. Their webs are divine design in tangible form. Read more about Spider Wisdom[…]