Postpartum Reality

I can’t begin to tell you how many stories I hear of women who have had difficult postpartum experiences ranging from nervous anxiety, episiotomy recovery, baby blues, worries their baby isn’t feeding enough, breastfeeding problems, exhaustion, inadequate help, subpar nutrition, caesarian recovery, traumatic birth process recovery, depression and on and on. 💛 It breaks my Read more about Postpartum Reality[…]

On the other side of birth

You have arrived on the other side of birth. It’s the golden hour and it’s trauma. It looks different for us all, but regardless this initiation comes with blood, sweat and tears. There is an overload of information coming at you through the filter of an institution or someone else’s experience. It is not a Read more about On the other side of birth[…]

Generations, Gestation, and GMO’s

If you are pregnant with a baby girl, your daughter in utero, will hold all the eggs she will ever have for her life…including your future granddaughters. Your granddaughters eggs are formed from what is available and circulating in your body. So the food you eat today, will impact not just your daughter, but your Read more about Generations, Gestation, and GMO’s[…]