Awakening Fertility

We are at a pivotal moment in time both as a collective and as individual women.
Perhaps at this very moment, with this virus in full effect, we are all taking stock and realizing how dependent we have become on systems that are not necessarily conducive to our personal success as women, as mothers and as a human culture. Perhaps we all pause and take a moment to look at our lives and acknowledge where we have unknowingly given our power away. Perhaps during this unique and uncertain time where I am sure babies all over the world are being conceived, we reel in the lines from the systems that depend on our dependence of them, so that we truly can birth a new world together. I know we are all feeling it… It’s not a far fetched idea and it’s not too big of an idea, it is literally waiting for us to scoop up and reclaim on a large scale.
The power is in the choices we make today.
Awakening fertility is a doorway into the sacred rite-of-passage into motherhood. While reading you remember and are reminded of our receptive feminine nature, that food is medicine, pregnancy is an opportunity to heal deep wounds of the past, we are intrinsically connected and in communication with the moon, the womb is a divine space of life and mystery, and on and on.
The ideas and knowledge presented within the pages of these books are foundational skills that will serve you and your family for a lifetime. And as our children watch and learn from us we are redirecting them onto the pathway of health and happiness and begin to mend this enormous rift in our culture and our health.
Education is a key piece to empowerment. Throughout these books you are taken on a journey to explore the truths and traditions that have accompanied women through the childbearing year for thousands of years. These books are guides to help us find our way back to ourselves.
Thank you, Heng, for the opportunity to contribute to your essential new book on weaving tradition, health and wellness into the modern woman and world. I am most grateful and beyond honoured to have made it onto your “wise ones” page.
The more we as women realize and awaken to the truth that our cycles and natural rhythms are something to be celebrated and not shamed and that we are not separate from nature, the more control we will have in our fertility, our pregnancies, our birthing experiences and our lives at large.
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