December 5, 2013


Of this be sure:

You do not find the happy life… You make it.

– Thomas S. Monson


Hey there, Friend

These are some crazy times we’re living in, aren’t they? We are living through an incredibly intense and exciting time where people have never been so stressed out and exhausted, yet so many people are growing and evolving to new heights. I see so many women who seem to have it all, yet are so unsatisfied with their lives. Are you looking to turn your life around? There has never been a better time to start being the best version of the one and only… you.

You are a revolution in the making! We are all looking for the right ingredients to make our lives spectacular and I can help you navigate these new waters. I live in passion as a homesteader, herbalist, pregnancy educator, wellness enthusiast, gardener, doula, wife and mother. I work alongside women helping to awaken their personal, vibrant selves through nutritional and herbal therapies, and mentoring them through their childbearing years and beyond. Last year I graduated from Dr. Aviva Romm’s “Herbal Medicine for Women” making me an official “Woman’s herbal educator.”

I am proud to be a part of the tribe of women revolutionizing health care as we know it. It is a beautiful study and herbal path involving body, mind and spirit. It is about using intuition, body speak, and inner guidance as much as learning the science and hard facts. I feel when a woman invests in nourishing herself through self care and healing practices, her family, her community and the world as a whole benefit. To witness women transform and flourish into the most authentic version of themselves is such an honour.