Real Food Rebellion

Gardening in minus temperatures is not as fun as when the sun is beaming down on me, but I finally got the rest of my onions, beets and carrots out of the ground. My hands were frozen!! It’s a hell of a lot of work and commitment to grow your own food. It’s possible, as I’m currently experiencing, to be both grateful for the food and simultaneously done with harvesting and processing. It’s both!

The quality and L I F E * F O R C E in homegrown food is a huge factor in wanting to grow my own. It’s the jing I am after, baby! These carrots are little storage taproots of solar energy, nutrients and the down right love, care and magic I put into my garden.
Convenience is a hard thing to give up, but more than ever before we need to take a look at our sources of food. Do we really need to be eating tropical fruits in the north, especially in winter? Can we eat less but be more deeply nourished? When we eat with the seasons and source food from local farmers or grow our own, we are voting with our dollars and moving in alignment with the seasons instead of fighting it. We are supporting our local communities and lessen the carbon footprint.

As we slip into the long nights and cold temperatures, focus on your digestion, and the quality of it. Slow cook or pressure cook food and add herbs that help with digestion. If you have never done a gut reset or an elimination diet, you may want to look into that; it’s kind of a big deal. The integrity of our intestines and gut plays a huge role in absorbing and assimilating food. We also know now that a huge part of the immune systems lives in our guts! The easier our food is to digest, the more energy it can spend on fighting off infections and keeping our immunity on guard. The more we can REAL food from the earth, the soon we can bankrupt the non-food junk companies that are destroying health.














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