Seasonal Shifts

Seasonal shifts are important times to take stock, check in and prepare ourselves for in this case, the colder, dryer months ahead. The divine architecture of our skin is designed to quickly absorb oil and more importantly, it understands how to use it. This is NOT petroleum based cream that clogs the pores, dehydrates skin and fills the body with toxins!

It is deeply grounding for the nervous system and hydrating for the skin which is immediately felt and received when applied. When medicinal plants have been infused with oil, the beneficial constituents of the plant are also absorbed via the skin giving body oiling a very high safety profile even for children, and as I mentioned above, it is absorbed rather quickly through the skin so no need to worry about walking around like a grease ball.

The self care and self massage that you give yourself while body oiling moves lymph around (as it doesn’t move on its own), you learn and become familiar with the landscape of your body and shift the thought of checking yourself for lumps and bumps (looking for disease) to sending loving touch to your body, you seal your body with plant armour, it helps you to wind down at the end of the day (although you can body oil anytime of day), it is wonderful for folks with highly sensitive nervous systems (HSP’s) but great for everyone.. just to name a few benefits!

All of the medicinal herbs and plants used in my body oils have been grown in my organic garden or wild crafted. Calendula is specifically known to by lymph moving, adds heat to the body (think warm sunshine on the bones), is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and is a vulnerary herb which means wound mending. Calendula is safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and this oil makes a wonderful body oil for babies and children of all ages! There is so much I can say about these incredible oils but why don’t you just try them for yourself?!

Come down to my studio for my Friday open houses going until the December 20th when I’ll take a short break for the holidays. 5-113 Marion Street above New Moon Massage. 9:30am – 1:00pm

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