Do you want to learn how to culture foods for better digestion, smooth skin and optimal immunity?

At this workshop you’ll learn a simple tool that can boost your energy, uplift your mood, eliminate digestive disturbances and preserve all those garden vegetables!

Culturing your food is a process that turns simple, everyday foods into ones infused with healthy, probiotic bacteria. Many people start recovering their digestive health in as little as 2 weeks, just by adding cultured (fermented) foods to their diet.

Are you ready to….

  • eliminate your sugar cravings
  •  digest and assimilate your food better (no point eating all that healthy food if your body can’t digest with it!)
  •  overcome annoying yeast and fungal infections

Using this kitchen skill adds enzymes, fortifies your digestion and boosts your immunity, while at the same time increasing the nutritional value of the original food!
For many people, eating cultured foods is the next step on their healing journey. Not attending to our gut health is often the limiting factor that stops people from getting results with other programs or therapies. Wouldn’t it feel amazing as a mother knowing that you have taken the steps needed to ensure that your children have a strong foundation for optimal digestive and immune health and the best chance at a healthy start in life? Get fully immersed in a new way of eating, so that you can continue to reap the benefits of probiotics for a lifetime.

By eating cultured vegetables, here are just some of the ways that you can optimize your health:

  •  eliminate your cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates
  •  optimize your digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  •  boost and balance your immunity
  •  cleanse your organs and tissues to conquer your systemic fungal infections. Goodbye candida
  •  restore your ability to digest grains and dairy again
  •  lose excess weight by correcting deficiencies and reducing sugar cravings (sugar not fat promotes obesity), studies have now shown that overweight people are more likely to have imbalanced microflora.
  • reduce high blood pressure
  • eliminate acne, eczema and other skin rashes
  • protect your immunity while travelling
  • is delicious and easier to digest than raw food
  • is a natural daily source of beneficial microflora.


 This workshop is perfect for you if…

  •  You love trying new foods and learning new skills
  • You’re a hands on learner
  • You have compromised digestion and immunity and want to start healing these challenges at the level of root cause.
  • You want to preserve your garden veggies
  • You are an aspiring traditional foods enthusiast.
  • You want to SAVE money by doing your own fermentation at home!

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