The body smiles when attention is given to it! We can go for massages to work and relax our muscles, focus on what we are eating and drinking to nature, cleanse and rejuvenate our organs, visit your chiropractor to align your spine and have it function optimally. What a blessing it is to be able to create for ourselves in this way.

But what about the stuff that nobody can see, but we can feel? I am a feeling person, through and through. I feel it all and sometimes this is a curse, and other times it is my super power. I FEEL usually before I hear the worlds out of someone’s mouth, which is why when someone is not speaking truthfully I can tell because there energy is telling me a different story, and it’s pretty easy now to pick up on. Maybe you feel this, too? You can fake a vibration. Learning to trust my intuition over my brain has never led me astray. The more I put faith in “trusting the gut” the stronger this inner compass gets.

I’d go as far as to say that if I was hanging in a room by myself for a half hour and then walked into a room full of people, it’s similar to being in a sauna for a half hour and then jumping into a snow pile. The change in energy is that palatable. It’s really kind of crazy….

My fellow “feeler”, and energy worker extraordinaire, Sam, works on the chakras to get them spinning and humming along at full capacity. My journey of radical self love and care encompasses all aspects of my being; body, mind and spirit. I’d take this care over a pedicure any day… but that’s just me.