I started “dating myself” over a year ago now. You know, taking me out for lunch, holding the door open for myself, pulling out the chair, asking Ali what SHE wants. What do I need? I feed her food made with love, routinely take herbs to build and replenish life force, and keep stress to a minimum. I invited ritual and routine, ceremony and intention into my life, I have incredible conversations with myself via a journal, make trips to the chiropractor and acupuncturist, daily exercise and pranayama sessions, appointments to check in to see what I need. Radical self care.

A love affair ….. the magic just won’t stop flowing. It flows and flows both in and out of me.

It’s not that every day I’m on top of the world, but the resilience, the focus, the joy and happiness that make its way into my life now because I choose to make myself a priority is evergreen. Small steps every day have taken me miles into a much happier life. I used to wish that if I was just a little more this, or a little more that, things would be better. I just got out of my own way and loved myself into being a little more Ali in all my weirdness.

I enjoy the dance of life because the beat I dance to is mine. And because I’m too busy loving my life, I care less of the opinions of others, hear less of the gossip, and am not pierced by toxic people.

I tell ya… I’ve not had a boring day since the love affair with myself began. I have a built in best friend! I never feel like I’m missing out on things and the inner landscapes I visit are amazing. Some dark and challenging, and some beautiful beyond words. It’s a ride.

It’s just a ride.

It’s all here.

I am home.