I got my first taste of Sedona in 2010 when my husband, son and I took a trailer trip though a big chunk of America. A week and a half into our trip, and after a long day of driving we were treated to the most amazing scene. Sedona at sunset. It truly was love at first sight for all of us and I had to pinch myself because I was sure I was dreaming. We set up camp and changed our plans to stay longer.

In November of 2013, I had the opportunity to travel back to Sedona for a week to train and become a certified instructor with Sacred Pregnancy. I stayed in Angel Valley with other women mostly from the U.S and a few from Canada. The scenery… breath taking. The food… delicious. The company… epic. My spirit…soaring. Here’s some shots from my stay. If you ever get the chance…GO!

IMG_4331 IMG_4362 IMG_4441 IMG_4562

IMG_4399 IMG_4355

IMG_4442 IMG_4436

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