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         Change  is  inevitable,  growth  is  optional.

                                                                                                     - John Maxwell

You want to move through this life feeling vibrant, alive, and able to experience all of it with a clear head and open heart, but you're tired and wired, depleted, and feeling that something is missing.

                                                                   What's a girl to do?

 Are you feeling...

  • like you're stuck spinning your wheels when it comes to learning about herbs and nutrition?
  • exhausted and wondering why your energy is frazzled?
  • overwhelmed with the information out there and don't know where to start?
  • the need to learn more on how to nourish yourself, and your family?
  • like a broken hormonal mess?
  • unsatisfied with your quality of health?

 We could be kindred spirits if...

  • you're ready to take your health and wellness to the next level
  • you're ready to balance the science of health with the art of living
  • you're looking for a pregnancy class that touches all aspects of your journey - spiritual, emotional and physical
  • you want to harness the motivation of becoming a mother to make even healthier food and lifestyle choices to promote optimal health for you and your baby
  • you want to get into the driver's seat of your health, and your family's health
  • want to learn about healing herbs

Let me introduce myself

I am Alison Ritchie, mother, women's herbal educator, nutritional therapist, and holistic doula, specializing in women's health and wellness during the childbearing year. Whether you are giving birth to a new baby, or a new way of life, you came here looking for more. My heartfelt desire is to empower you to go deep with all of it- and make the most of your journey, on all levels. I do this work because I know first hand the toll that gets taken on your life when you don't know how to properly feed and nourish your whole self.. mind, body and spirit. I am passionate about helping you live to your full potential.

Take a giant step forward and...

  • pick up new transformative skills
  • broaden your knowledge base
  • let go of old habits that are keeping you in a rut
  • turn fear into confidence
  • take a deep breath and do something extraordinary

 I'm delighted to work with women who..

  • know that it takes time to see quality long term results and break old patterns
  • are willing to try something outside of their comfort zone, where the real growth happens
  • are open to new things, to work hard, never say never, are committed, and willing to take charge
  • have a sense of humour and like to laugh
  • are not afraid to look at their own darkness, and do the work to break through to the other side.

It's a pleasure to educate and empower women through:

  • Nutritional therapy coaching- setting a solid foundation
  • Herbal Consultations
  • Traditional food workshops- hands on teaching
  • Transformative sacred pregnancy classes
  • Doula services- mentoring and being witness to your journey.
  • Postpartum support- helping you transition to the 4th trimester

 Feel like we're a good match? Reach out and make contact!